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Keep your kids entertained and learning with our collection of cute, free printable mazes! Our mazes offer you the perfect opportunity to spend quality time playing with your toddler or preschooler, and serve as a refreshing break from TV or technology. As with all of our worksheets offered here at Kids Academy, your child will be busy learning while they play, practicing valuable cognitive and visual skills. 

What’s included with each maze

  • Bright, colorful images, and a cute dog character that your kids will love;
  • A challenging maze that will make your toddler think;
  • Instructions for you to practice reading with your child;
  • A different purpose for completing each maze

In each maze, your child’s job will be to lead the dog to its goal on the other side. Each maze will present a scenario or a goal that the dog wants to accomplish. Help your child trace the path so the dog can be successful in reaching his goal!

Why choose our mazes?

Children learn best and retain more information when they are playing. As an added bonus, children also learn best when guided by a parent or trusted adult who shares in an enjoyable activity.

While playing our enjoyable games, they will be constantly building upon basic skills crucial to more advanced learning. Your child will practice sharpening problem solving skills, eye to hand coordination, and visual perception skills. Your toddler or preschooler will also practice following written directions that can be read aloud with parents, and any opportunity for reading is time well spent. 

Download our enjoyable mazes and take full advantage of fun learning with your child!