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Sometimes the best way to support your little learner’s early education is by offering them practice with skills that aren’t necessarily academic skills. These skills, such as spatial recognition skills, are vitally important for your kids!

These nonacademic skills help your child to be able to complete the academic tasks they’re faced with. Our collection of classifying worksheets is the perfect tool to help strengthen your preschooler’s matching and classifying skills. 

What’s more is that you can feel free to use our math worksheets as a conversation starter to lead to bigger and better learning topics! Print our worksheets to delight your child with the gift of learning through vibrantly adorable pictures and topics!

Our matching worksheets will help your child to: 

  • Sort through similar images to pick out the corresponding picture. Your child will develop a sharp eye for recognizing similar, but distinctly different patterns and shapes.
  • Recognize and differentiate between colors. Many objects can be different in type, but the similar in color! Your child will learn to recognize these items, and more.

Our collection of sorting worksheets will help your child to: 

  • Sharpen spatial recognition skills. Your child will practice recognizing how items differ in order to find the corresponding image. 
  • Differentiate between objects of different shapes and sizes. Everyday items, people, and animals all come in different shapes and sizes! Your child will sharpen these important spatial recognition skills.
  • Sort through everyday items to choose the right item for the intended purpose. Your child wouldn’t want to bring mittens to the beach! Your child will practice important problem-solving skills by choosing items that are appropriate for the given purpose.

Your child will soon be an expert in classifying objects and items for a specific purpose, or as a specific type.