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Comprehension Fiction Worksheets

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Once kids have learned how to decode sounds and read words effectively, the next step to reading mastery is to ensure that kids understand what they’re reading. This is where reading comprehension comes in. Believe it or not, understanding parts of a story, like characterization, setting, or even the sequence of events in a story is the first stepping stone to training kids to think critically. Kids that can analyze a text learn to observe and analyze texts and situations across the curriculum! 

Just as importantly, honing reading comprehension helps kids develop a healthy appreciation for reading, which in turn creates lifelong readers and learners! Spark your child’s imagination and love for reading with our selection of reading comprehension worksheets, designed to up your child’s reading skills! 

Stories and Fairy Tales Your Child Loves

Kids love the classics: fairy tales and fables delight and enchant kids for years to come! Why not harness your child’s favorite stories to teach invaluable reading comprehension skills for lifelong learning skills? 

In this collection of reading comprehension worksheets, your child will explore: 

  • The importance of characterization 
  • Recognizing the different elements of setting
  • Story sequencing, including identifying the beginning, middle, and end
  • Story sequencing, including arranging plot events in the correct order
  • Cause and effect relationships in plot
  • Story recall of important plot events and characters

Utilizing favorite stories and characters like Aladdin, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and more, the selection of reading comprehension worksheets won’t disappoint! You’ll love the text analysis skills your child is learning, while your child will be delighted reviewing favorite childhood stories in greater depth than ever before!