Writing Skills: Going Beyond Writing

Feb. 15, 2015

 Some of us may think that in order to know how to write kids need to know how to draw straight lines, curved lines, and circles, as well as to have a correct pencil grasp. However, these are not the only things we need to teach our children.

How many of you laughed your heads off when you saw kids holding a book upside down or “reading” it backwards? I guess, we all witness such scenes from time to time ...

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Keyboarding or Writing - Which Skill to Teach?

Feb. 8, 2015

Dear readers,

we are happy that Hurricane Sandy is behind and we have power and Internet back. We are resuming our regular blog posts, and today's post is dedicated to the importance of writing. 



Kid's Academy Team


In the era of smart devices and digital communication we spend most of our days with laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We communicate mostly via e-mail or texting, which requires keyboarding skills.  However, we can easily live ...

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Reading to Kids at a Glance

Dec. 28, 2014

Some time ago we dedicated our posts to reading aloud with kids and we published loads of tips you can follow. You’ll find them if you scroll down our blog page. There are so many of them that you might catch yourself thinking if you can remember them all. Well, we are here to help you! 

Basically, you can split all reading activities into 3 groups: 

  • Pre-reading
  • Reading itself
  • Post-reading

Pre-reading activities are mostly used to create suspense ...

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Digital Books vs Audio Books vs Print Books

Oct. 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your kids prefer one book over another? Why do they spend hours thumbing through the pages of an interactive book and never even touch a print book? Let’s compare digital books with 3 other types of media for kids to see what makes them so versatile. 

Let’s start with print books. There’s very little you can do with a print book. You can’t browse, search, take notes, play games, watch videos and do simple ...

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How to Choose an ABC Teaching App

Sept. 14, 2014

Have you ever felt lost among educational apps on app stores? No, wonder, there are thousands of apps that claim to serve educational purposes.

We are planning to publish a series of articles that would highlight features an app should have in order to be classified as truly ‘educational’.

Let’s start with ABC teaching apps, as there is a variety of them on the app stores. Ideally, an app that teaches the ABC would have the following:

1. Upper and ...

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How to Make a Better Use of Smart Devices

July 27, 2014

     In this post you are going to find out how to better use smart phones and tablet computers with your little kids.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that neither smart phones nor tablets can substitute parents and real person-to-person interaction. They are better used as an additional way to encourage kids to learn something new. Kids would also benefit more if YOU guide them through their educational process. Make sure you know how ...

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Kids & Technology

July 6, 2014

     There’s a lot of hype around issues that feature technology and kids. Such questions as how much time a kid should spend watching TV or playing with a smart phone spark a lot of controversy among parents.  Some think that technology hinders kids’ development; others see a lot of advantages in using gadgets.

Well, we are parents ourselves and we understand that the golden truth lies somewhere in the middle. All these gadgets as smart phones or tablets ...

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