Technology as a Tool in Early Education

Nov. 30, 2018

Technology sometimes gets a bad rap with parents. Since the invention of the television, there has been much debate over whether or not new technology helps or hurts our children. Read the following article to find out what types of technology should be employed as a tool to help your little learners grow. 

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A Parent’s Guide to Reading Aloud with Early Learners

Nov. 26, 2018

Reading aloud to children is undoubtedly one of the most important activities for kids as they learn critical early literacy skills. But how can parents be confident that read-aloud sessions are effective and promoting continued progress and success? Read this article to find the ultimate parent’s guide to read alouds, including how to choose the right books, as well as useful techniques that teachers use during daily reading. 

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5 Games to Teach Your Kid about Money

Nov. 24, 2018

Kids need to learn about money. Whether for future financial competence, or just for practice with math skills, money can teach kids a host of different skills and life lessons! Make teaching money fun for kids with the following ideas, designed especially with your child’s learning needs in mind. 


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7 Cool Sound Science Experiments for Kids

Nov. 19, 2018

For kids, learning about the science of sound can seem rather elusive, since sound is typically heard, not seen. But what if we can learn about sound waves in a way that can be observed? Fascinate your child by giving him or her a way to experiment with sound in a more concrete way. This article shares 7 awesome ideas for sound science experiments that will reinvigorate your child’s science learning.


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A Parent’s Role in Early Literacy Education

Nov. 16, 2018

While most kids don’t learn to read until kindergarten, many others are reading sight words and decoding words as early as 3 or 4 years old! That’s because a parent is every child’s most important teacher. A parent’s role is critical in a child’s future academic success, particularly when it comes to early literacy development. This article discusses the importance of parental involvement in fostering early reading and writing skills, and offers 8 reading strategies to use with your child. 

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5 Offbeat Physical Science Experiments for Beginners

Nov. 13, 2018

If you’re looking for new science experiments to challenge your early learners, you might not have considered delving into the challenging world of physical science! Believe it or not, your child is ready to learn the basics of physics, priming them for future scientific discovery and learning! Keep reading to find 5 simple physics activities perfect for elementary learners! 

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Inquiry-Based Learning: Benefits and Strategies for Young Learners

Nov. 11, 2018

As an adult, it’s only natural for us to seek out the information that we want to learn using the internet, books, or data. Even so, for many decades, students have been taught in classrooms with the idea that teachers simply impart information into a child’s brain. Luckily years of research have revealed that these methods are outdated, and new strategies, like inquiry-based learning, are much more motivating and rewarding for kids. No matter if you’re a teacher or a parent, it’s easy to incorporate inquiry-based activities into your student’s learning routine. Keep reading to learn more about this intriguing learning method and strategies to use in your home or classroom!

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Teaching Mental Math: Ideas and Activities

Nov. 9, 2018

Without even realizing it, we use mental math in our everyday lives for a variety of ordinary tasks. If it weren’t for mental math, many daily activities would be difficult, from estimating the cost of our purchases, to keeping track of items or objects. Foster your child’s mental math development by incorporating simple mental math strategies in his or her learning routine. Keep reading to discover fun ways to practice mental math with your early learner! 

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10 Effective Multisensory Writing Activities for Kids

Nov. 5, 2018

If you’ve ever sat down with your child to practice writing, you probably already know what a daunting task it is to teach any kid how to write! Factor out the tears and frustration by using multisensory writing activities to introduce your little writer to proper letter formation. This article discusses multisensory learning and will give you 10 new ways to practice effective handwriting skills with your preschooler!

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