5 Hands-On Strategies to Teach Measurements for Grades 1-3

March 19, 2018

Are you looking for new ideas to teach measurement in a fun, yet meaningful way? Measurement is a necessary skill for kids to learn, but kids have a hard time grasping the concept from desk work alone. Instead, offer kids hands-on ways to to engage with measurement and data to keep them motivated, and set a real-life purpose for learning this important math concept. 

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Hands-On Geometry Activities for Elementary Kids

March 12, 2018

Toddlers learn a lot about geometry long before they ever enter the classroom. But once kids get to school, they begin to learn much more about the shapes and angles that make up their world. Since geometry is ever so present in the environment around us, it’s only natural to teach kids geometry through the use of hands-on objects and activities. 

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Engaging Place Value Games for K-2

March 5, 2018

Place value is so important for kids to master since it sets the foundation for all other math concepts to come! Thanks to place value, we’re able to understand the value and meaning behind numbers; learning it early on increases kids’ sense of numeracy and prepares them for learning complicated math operations.  

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