Cool Winter Science Experiments to Blow Your Kid’s Mind

Jan. 14, 2019

The weather is cold and the days are dreary, making it a perfect time to stay inside! Time spent indoors need not be boring. Take full advantage of the time spent indoors by reviewing and practicing critical science skills. In fact, why not inject some wintery-themed fun into your child’s lessons by completing some winter science experiments? Keep reading to find five fabulously fun ideas for experiments that will excite your early learner over the winter months!

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Fun Games for Early Learners to Learn the 50 States

Jan. 7, 2019

If your kids are like most people, they probably find sitting and labeling a map quite a tedious activity. Let’s be honest: memorizing states and capitals can be downright boring for kids! But what if learning geography doesn’t have to be boring? In fact, a USA geography game for kids should be upbeat and engaging, encouraging kids to learn even more about the country and our culture. 

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