5 Math Manipulatives for Easy Learning

April 29, 2019

As kids get older, learning can begin to seem boring when the focus in school turns from playing to hard work! Math lessons can increasingly drain students since it takes a lot of brainpower and problem solving to work out difficult problems. Don’t let difficult new concepts zap your child’s zest for learning! Keep reading to discover how math manipulatives can make critical math concepts easy while inspiring little learners through fun games and hands-on activities! 

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The Most Common Reading Problems and Ways to Solve Them

April 22, 2019

Sometimes despite our best efforts as parents, our children face difficulty when it comes to learning. While no parent wants to learn that their child has a reading difficulty or disability, it’s critical to seek intervention as early as possible to maximize opportunities for success. This article discusses the signs of common reading problems, and offers you concrete ways to help struggling readers grow! 

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A Comprehensive Guide to Guided Reading for Parents and Teachers

April 19, 2019

Teaching kids is a huge job, since reading is one of the most critical skills students must learn in the early elementary years. Though the idea of such a big task might seem daunting, a guided reading program can be the ticket to literacy success in your school or at-home classroom. This article takes an in-depth look at guided reading and gives any teacher or parent ways to implement and support such a system effectively. 

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Creative Art Projects for Kids Using Recycled Materials

April 15, 2019

Spring is a great time to go green! The grass is growing and flowers are blooming, reminding us all what a beautiful place Earth can be. On Earth Day or every day, help your child grow a continuing sense of pride for keeping the planet clean using recycled crafts for kids. Keep reading to find fresh ideas for turning trash into treasure by reusing common household materials! 

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Top 10 Most Engaging Fraction Games and Activities for Kids

April 8, 2019

There’s probably no greater topic in elementary math that strikes dread in the hearts of students, parents, and teachers alike quite like learning fractions. As kids grow older, math skills get tougher, and suddenly we’re asking kids to understand a concept that is difficult for them to grasp. Make learning fractions easier for children using fun and engaging activities! This article will share the top ten best fraction games that make learning this tricky math concept a breeze!

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Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Kids and Preschool Children

April 1, 2019

Even though it’s one of the largest holidays recognized worldwide, sometimes Earth Day gets lost in the shuffle as adults go about their daily grind. Don’t let your kids forget about this important holiday and celebrate with purpose using cool hands-on projects and literacy activities! Read this article to find fun-filled yet meaningful Earth Day activities for kids of all ages!

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