Neural Networks: Next-Generation Tech to Create Apps for Kids

June 7, 2017

As a parent, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to the programs we use to help them learn. If you’re interested in learning about the technology behind some of our best apps, this article will take you on a fascinating journey exploring just how artificial neural networks form the backbone of our most intelligent apps- offering your child priceless learning feedback, and a meaningful learning experience.

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Montessori ABC for Kids HD Available on the App Store

Sept. 20, 2015

Dear friends!

We are happy to share the news that our new app Montessori ABC for Kids HD is now available on the App Store. 

Montessori ABC for Kids HD consists of two parts. The first one introduces little users to the world of letters in a fun way allowing them to proceed at their own pace and liking. Children are free to choose which letter to learn or trace first since we believe youngsters are not very fond ...

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Top 5 Interactive Features of the Three Little Pigs Story Book

Aug. 30, 2015

One of the most fascinating features of our book app ‘The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’ is its interactivity. Interactive features are ‘tappable’ and bring kids unpredictable surprises. Tapping also involves children’s motor skills, which had better be developed as early as possible. 

Tappable features of our book app are delightful. Do you know which of them are most popular with children? Here’s a list of Top 5 :

Pigs themselves

Tap the characters ...

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3 Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf - now with Fun Activities

June 28, 2015

Dear Amazon Kindle Fire owners,

we are excited to announce that our book app 3 Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf now comes with fun educational games for kids!

Among the fun activities you will find Interactive Puzzles, Smart Detective, and blow-it-all Puff Striker!

Be the first to check them out on Amazon Appstore!


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New Games are Coming to Amazon Appstore with Update

June 14, 2015

Here's a short announcement for Amazon Customers of our apps. 

We've recently submitted a new update for our book app "3 Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf" which, when approved, will contain 3 fun educational games available as an in-app purchase. The new games include Interactive Puzzles, Smart Detective, and Puff Striker

We hope you'll like them! 

Stay tuned to get to know when the update is live on Amazon Appstore!

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New Games Ignite Winter Season

May 10, 2015

Winter holidays are over, and we are back to our normal blog routine. You now know a lot about teaching kids the alphabet, tracing and writing letters, and even reading activities. Stay around for more informative articles on children's development - we are resuming our regular blog posts!

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest update to our interactive book app "Three Littel Pigs and Big Bad Wolf". It features some mind-blowing games for the whole family!

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Puff Striker

April 26, 2015

Finally, “Puff Striker” is the most engaging and the most competitive activity in the Fun Activity Pack of the “Three Little Pigs”. 

Kids need to huff and puff into the microphone or on the device display in order to blow the houses down. Each blow gets measured and kids receive bronze, silver, or golden medals accordingly. When your kids are skillful enough you can join in and organize a competition!

If you want to get a notice when the ...

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Smart Detective

April 19, 2015

“Smart Detective” is another game of the Fun Activity Pack you can find inside our interactive story book “Three Little Pigs”.

The objective of the game is to put the misplaced objects in the piggie’s house into their correct places. You can do this by tapping the two objects you want to swap places. If you choose them correctly you’ll see that they are highlighted with the same color, which is a good hint for children. Once you’ve chosen the ...

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Interactive Puzzles

April 12, 2015

Interactive Puzzles invite kids to try their hands at doing their most favorite scenes from the book app “Three Little Pigs”. Choose a 6-,    9-, or 15-piece puzzle and drag pieces to the center of the display.   If a scene is a real challenge for your kid, try switching on a semi-transparent mode by tapping a question mark on top. 

Accompanied by special visual and sound effects, puzzle games help kids improve shape and color recognition and ...

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April 5, 2015

This post is going to break our normal blog routine with an announcement!

Our team has just finished working on a Fun Activity Pack for the book app “Three Little Pigs”. 

The fun activity pack features kids’ favorite characters from the book app and includes 3 games. We believe that kids learn best in fun environment, and for this reason we tried to combine fun and educational factors in each game. 

Among the games you’ll find Smart Detective ...

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