How to Use the Listen & Play Mode in Reading with Kids

Jan. 25, 2015

Listen & Play mode is created especially to foster children's creativity. They listen to the story and animate the characters themselves. There's no particular order to bring the characters to life, kids can experiment and do this according to their own liking. 

In order to provide children with a sensational experience we tried to use most of the possibilities an iPhone and an iPad can offer. Characters get animated in three different ways: with a tap of ...

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How to Use the Autoplay Mode in Reading with Kids

Jan. 18, 2015

It's a well-known fact that before kids start reading themselves they need to be read to as often as possible. They don't mind if you read them the same story several times because they like routine. If they hear a story again and again they start remembering it by heart. This is very useful, as when they remember how words sound, they will later make connection with how they get written.

For this very reason we created the ...

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5 Most Popular Interactive Features of ‘3 Little Piggies’

Dec. 14, 2014

One of the most fascinating features of our book app ‘The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’ is its interactivity. Interactive features are ‘tappable’ and bring kids unpredictable surprises. Tapping also involves children’s motor skills, which, as we, parents, know, have better be developed as early as possible. 

Tappable features of our book app are delightful. Do you know which of them are the most popular with children? Here’s a list of 5 most favorite ones:

  • Piggies ...

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What makes 3 Little Pigs Appealing to Kids

Dec. 7, 2014

When you choose a digital book for your kids, you want it to be fun and engaging. This might be challenging as children’s skills, abilities, and preferences vary with age. While toddlers are more attracted by interactive features of the book (animation, sound effects, etc.), 4-5 year olds are more into reading and learning things. That’s why we’ve developed a book app delightful for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

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How to Easily Access Settings in Cartoon ABC

Sept. 21, 2014

Those who have already used our Cartoon ABC app might have noticed that it’s very user-friendly. Nonetheless we made some features even more convenient.

What can be easier than changing settings right from the flash card you’re using? We thought it would save you a lot of effort, that’s why we embedded this feature in our app. You have probably noticed a tiny grass lawn at the bottom of the screen of every flash card. You haven’t? Then tap any ...

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How to ‘Learn and Play’ with Each ABC Flash Card

Aug. 24, 2014

This blog post is written mostly for those parents and educators who want to get the most out of each and every Cartoon ABC flash card. ;)

As you remember, when you start the app you can see all flash cards scattered all over the screen in no particular order.This makes you and your kids free to choose which flash card to open and which letter to learn first.

When you tap a picture, the flash card opens displaying an ...

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Parents Area in Our Apps Helps Monitor Kids’ Progress

Aug. 3, 2014

To tell the truth, Parents Area is something we are proud of ! 

We thought it might be of great help to parents to see how many letters their kids learnt and what letters are yet to look at. This is something you can find out from the Progress section.

If you have more than one kid enjoying Cartoon ABC, make sure you’ve activated an appropriate profile on the Kid’s Academy screen. You can do this by simply tapping the ...

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Why We Have Flash Cards with Objects and Animals on the ABC Screen

July 13, 2014

Many of you reading this blog might have already seen or used our Cartoon ABC app. But have you wondered why we have flash cards with objects, animals and food instead of flash cards with letters?

Well, we did it on purpose.

Things like a favorite toy car, a Barbie doll, a slice of watermelon or a neighbors’ cat are among the first things kids experience in their lives. And these words would be among the first to pronounce. Letters ...

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