We are a team of like-minded people. All of us are highly experienced, and many of us are parents. This is the mix helping us develop a technically savvy product remembering children’s needs.

We are proud of every single member of the team and want to thank them for their efforts:

  • Developers for explaining to the machines what humans expect from them
  • Designers for giving our characters and interfaces cute looks
  • Quality assurance managers for pointing out the drawbacks
  • Sound producers for making our ducks quack and cats meow
  • Business analysts for coming up with the ideas and delivering those to the rest of the team
  • Teachers for teaching everyone how to do their job
  • Project managers for keeping the whole thing going

And ultimately,

Our least experienced yet most demanding YOUNG TESTERS, whose feedback keeps us on the right track! At the moment our learning toy box has an ABC app, an interactive fairy tale is on its way, and we are planning to add more apps in the near future.

If you need help with any of the apps or want to share your feedback don't hesitate to Contact Us

Better yet, feel like you should be mentioned in the list above? - Give us a shout, we are always happy to get more talents on board.

Yours truly,

Kid's Academy