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Kids Academy Introduces Interactive Quizzes

March 31, 2020

Kids Academy is proud to announce a brand-new feature within our Talented and Gifted program that brings teachers and parents a powerful new tool for both assessment and remediation. Optimized for online learning, our quizzes can revolutionize your virtual classroom or home learning with the feedback needed to bridge learning gaps while schools are closed.

Key Features

So, what makes our new quizzes different from the rest? Not only do they give constructive feedback needed to assess progress, but they also provide remediation where necessary. 

All our quizzes feature the following enhancements: 

  • Interactive questions with professionally voiced guidance 
  • Immersive tasks - drag and drop activities, multiple choice, and fill in the blank items - for a varied learning experience 
  • Positive feedback for stress-free learning
  • Detailed review of content to remediate missed questions
  • Insightful reports to keep track of student’s performance

Covered Topics and Skills

Our new quizzes assess students over a variety of early mathematical concepts, such as counting, adding, and place value. Specifically, they cover the following targeted Pre-K and Kindergarten skills: 

  • Using objects to add or subtract
  • Using manipulatives such as fingers or cubes to count
  • Comparing objects by length, weight, quantity, and size 
  • Counting and identifying groups of objects 
  • Adding by ones and tens
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes

Kids Academy will offer standards-aligned quizzes to other courses across major subjects, including English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Reading and more. 

We want to help prevent learning disruptions while school is out by offering families, educators, schools, and districts a 50% discount on all our membership plans.

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