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Thousands of parents and educators are turning to the kids’ learning app that makes real learning truly fun.
  • For pre-K to 3rd grade — specially designed by experts in early education (no fluff, no time-wasters)
  • Watch your kids rapidly develop the key skills that boost them ahead of the curve — with Common Core standards in mind
  • Simple to use — kids learn how to use the app on their own (say goodbye to endless explaining and say hello to free time)
  • A junk-free zone. Zero ads … family-friendly content … COPPA and FERPA compliant … and completely safe to use.

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  • Hand-picked activities for each school grade
  • Gamified experience to keep your kids’ eyes lit up and brain churning
  • Weekly performance reports on acquired skills, so you can see their progress (Feel free to gloat to the other parents)
  • Just 30 minutes a day is all it takes to stay on top of the program (for maximum flexibility)
  • Learning app to increase knowledge gained in school - loved by teachers and parents
  • Math, Reading, Writing, World around us, Social studies, History, English, Art and Crafts, Chess, Science with E-Blox

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With personalized worksheets and a comprehensive learning plan, your kids’ future starts today.
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They’ll learn the key skills that accelerate their progress in and out of the classroom (with homework that’s such a blast, they’ll actually ask you for more).
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See how they’re developing and how far they’ve come.

Kids Academy Weekly Contest

Week #12

  • Grade 1, Math
    Grade 1
  • Grade 2, Videos
    Grade 2
  • Grade 3, Monday
  • Grade 2, Saturday
    herry potter book 1
    Grade 2
  • Grade 1, Worksheets
    Grade 1
  • Grade 3, Sunday
    Grade 3
  • Grade K, Reading

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Move Over, YouTube … Forget Netflix … Kids Academy Makes Learning FUN!


Eric and Billy were very alike. Both were six years old ... Both went to the same school, in the same small town. Both liked comic books and string cheese.

Later, throughout middle school and high school, Eric usually did well on his homework and ended up on the honor roll almost every quarter. But Billy struggled to concentrate, earning mostly C’s.

Eric ended up at a good university and made lots of friends and connections; Billy never went. Eric went on to enjoy a successful career; Billy had to take whatever he could get.

What was the difference-maker?

From early on, Eric’s parents found a way to make learning fun.

That’s what Kids Academy was specifically designed to do.

At this critical point in your children’s development, we hope you give Kids Academy a try.

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Great app for those with kids in Preschool, filled with really educational kindergarted games for the little one. Makes learning fun and easy
By SibunaFabina66

Good for young learners!

I've spent some time teaching EFL and I wish I'd had this app then! The writing practice is great for native English speakers and young second language learners as well. Will definitely recommend to my friends teaching English to young leaners.
By kachimasho

Great game for kids!

Doing homework can be so much fun! It always depends on the resources that you choose to reinforce what your children learn everyday at school. This app is educational and so helpful!
By Tweentiins Q

Great for Young Minds

This is a fantastic app! As a teacher, I will certainly be recommending this to my colleagues and the parents. Children love to play on devices and this app makes learning feel like a game, which is fantastic!
By Endeavors in Education


This app has been so helpful in teaching and entertaining kids on the autism spectrum!
By Dilldip

Thanks for all the hard work!

I have a 5 yo and he loves using this app! He has had speech problems in the past and was recommended speech therapy, however we were not able to start speech therapy. KidsAcademy has helped his speech so much and he has advanced a lot. I love this app!
By ArguetaFam

Amazing app

I am at gifted and talented teacher from Kindergarten to eighth-grade. My lower grade students have a so much fun using this app and they learn while having fun.
By Blanca De La Mora GT teacher
All Digital School
Enhanced with Science with E-Blox

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We know you may have multiple apps for your kids.

Here’s why Kids Academy is different:

  • Real learning—not fluff, not entertainment in the guise of learning … Kids Academy was designed by experts in early education to help your kids develop the competencies they need in the classroom (meets Common Core standards).
  • Truly fun. Some educational apps, games and worksheets for children claim to be fun … but the proof is in the pudding. See if they can pull their eyes away from Kids Academy! Our unique program combines the most advanced adaptive technology, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and gamification to make learning stimulating and engaging for young, restless minds.
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