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Free Printable Reading Worksheets

At Kids Academy, we take supporting your child’s education seriously. We consistently strive to provide you with the tools necessary to support your child’s growth and learning.

What makes our materials great

  • Each worksheet is 100% free, with no hidden charges or subscriptions;
  • They are easily downloaded and printed; 
  • We use bright and colorful images that will keep your kids’ attention;
  • If your child uses our apps, they will find familiar characters from their favorite games; 
  • Easy to understand instructions;
  • Our collection of materials is updated regularly so your child will never be bored.

Whether you are just starting out teaching your toddlers the alphabet, or are helping your child start the process of learning sight words, you are sure to find quality materials that will enrich your child’s emerging reading skills. 

Here you will find our collection of free printable reading worksheets meant to supplement your child’s education. All of our worksheets are professionally created and designed to be developmentally appropriate and stimulating for little learners. 

Why you can rely on us

We know that early learning is vital to the healthy development of critical cognitive, linguistic, and reading skills. You can be confident that your child will enjoy working on our reading worksheets, and that they will be sure to aid in their educational progress.

Just like you, we want only the best for our children to support their early learning. We take pride in the reading materials we offer so that children everywhere can build the skills necessary to be successful in school and life. 

Take a look at our collection of learning materials to take advantage of this wonderful resource.