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  • Nursery Rhymes

Free Printable Nursery Rhymes Worksheets

A nursery rhyme is a little catchy poem or tale that parents usually use to entertain their kids. They are simple, fun and easy to grasp but at the same time they carry significant importance for children’s overall development.

At Kids Academy, you’ll find a great collection of fun nursery rhymes which are sure to make your child smile, while developing vital early childhood skills. 

If you want to introduce fun kids' rhymes to kindergarten and preschool children it is a good idea to start with simple and not lengthy ones. Try Twinkle Little Star or Bingo Song and you are sure to have some great time with your kid! 

Are there any secrets of how to make the best use of children’s nursery rhyme? Here are some things you can do to have more fun and sneak in extra learning with your kid:

  • Use facial expression, gestures, and change your voice to catch their interest.
  • After a while your child will become familiar with the rhymes you sing to them regularly, so encourage them to join in and recite parts of the rhyme themselves.
  • Omit words and encourage your child to finish the sentence. To have even more fun, try saying the wrong words and let your children correct you.
  • You can find coloring pages of nursery rhymes on our website featuring your child’s favorite characters. You can print them out and color together with your child. Coloring in nursery rhyme characters will help your kid visualize their favorite stories, developing their creative skills and imagination.

Here are key benefits of singing nursery rhyme songs to your little kids:

Develop cognitive and language skills

Our rhymes worksheets introduce new words in a simple and interesting way that is likely to capture children’s attention. The repetition of similar words and rhymes shows children the way language works and improves their memory skills.

Build motor skills

When you read or sing children’s rhymes try to act them out together with your child: tap your foot, clap your hands, turn around and even jump. There a lot of simple and funny actions you can do together with your child to perform a nursery rhyme. You can get your child move their fingers like a little spider at the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Foster social skills

Kids’ nursery rhymes represent a wonderful group activity giving small kids a chance to interact while singing and performing a rhyme. Singing fun baby songs makes even shy children feel confident because these little poems are so simple and easy to comprehend! 

Go ahead and check out our fun nursery rhymes to entertain and educate your child with joy!