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Plant and Animal Worksheets

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More than any other time in our lives, childhood is a time for discovery and inquiry. Kids are natural learners because of their intense curiosity about the world they live in. If you’ve ever watched your child pick a up a worm or collect leaves outside, you know that kids want to learn everything they can about their surroundings. Tap your child’s natural motivation to learn about their environment with our plant and animal worksheets, tailored especially to the needs of early learners. 

Plant Worksheets

As it’s often said, kids are our future, and some of them will even grow up to become our next farmers or agriculture experts. Even if they don’t, learning about plants is important so kids can build an inventory for future scientific knowledge. Here you’ll find a selection of fascinating plant worksheets to help your little botanist learn all they can about the plants they see outside! 

You’ll be delighted to find worksheets that focus on the following: 

  • Classification of living vs. non-living things
  • Trees, and the anatomy of a typical tree
  • Different types of leaves

As early as the 3rd grade, kids start learning about photosynthesis, and plant cells! Why not give your kids a head start learning about plants before they leave kindergarten? 

Animal Worksheets

If your kids are like most kids, they probably love animals, and are fascinated with going to the zoo and learning all about them! While seeing animals in person is definitely fun, sometimes kids need extra practice to understand where animals come from, and just how they live. 

Kids Academy has a selection of enchanting worksheets perfect to teach your child all about the most interesting animals! Here you’ll find worksheets that: 

  • Includes animals like mammals, and reptiles
  • Focus on where animals live, like the Arctic and Africa
  • Includes baby animals 

Life science is especially interesting for kids, and helps to build a basis for future scientific knowledge. We know that you and your child will love our collection of plant and animal worksheets, made especially for early learners who are motivated to discover more about their world!