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Childhood is a great time for little learners to discover the wonders of science, including the many different types of science that help explain their world! Not only are kids captivated by science, but their studies help them to lay the groundwork that leads to advanced STEM learning.

Since early science learning is so imperative to your child’s growth and education, we’re proud to offer this intriguing set of printable physical science worksheets that both you and your child will love!  In this selection of worksheets, you’ll find activities that focus around the following topics:

  • Magnetism
  • Energy source
  • Force
  • States of Matter
  • Density


We know that with this collection will enchant your little scientist with the physical wonders found around them every day!

Fun Physical Science Worksheets for Every Learner

At Kids Academy, we strive to bring your child the most engaging worksheets to keep your little learner interested. Like all our worksheet collections, you’ll notice that this selection offers your child brightly colored pictures and characters, and fun puzzles to keep kids motivated.

Take a look at this awesome set of physical science worksheets today and select those that pique your child’s interests!