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Enticing and challenging math activities at Kids Academy will introduce your little learners to the world of measuring things and objects. Our easy and bright free math games will be helpful in teaching your little learners measuring with a ruler. Flashy and bright pictures of monsters will help your kids to learn it quickly and easily.

Our measurement worksheets include fascinating activities on: 

  • Measuring in inches;
  • Comparing length;
  • Measuring capacity and volume;
  • Evaluating height of different objects. 

Your kids will get fascinated by the Gallon Man, which introduces them to measuring capacity. It is a nice possibility to teach your kids to estimate and compare volumes in gallons, quarts, pints and cups with ease. Just let your kids have fun assembling the Gallon man – and your little kids will learn how to calculate, equal and compare capacity amounts in no time! If you need more practice on that, check our vast pick of adorable math games

Your little learners will explore the world of measuring in ounces, pounds and tons by estimating the weight of different objects, as well comparing weigh of different objects and converting to and from pounds, ounces and tons. Teaching little learners how to measure will get easy and fun with our free measurement worksheets!