Talented and Gifted Online, Ages 2–10

Personalized learning

The more your kids learn with Kids Academy the more we learn about them. Our adaptive personalization engine tailors the learning experience to your child's unique traits and needs while keeping just the right balance of challenge and support for optimal results.

Every kid is different and needs a personal learning course.

Now over 5000 learning activities!

  • Educational games and videos
  • Interactive & printable worksheets
  • Songs, puzzles and flashcards
  • Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

For every age and skill level from Pre-K to Grade 3.

Progress tracking and reporting

Keep track of children's progress and handy reports:

  • See how your kid is doing in each subject
  • Identify and develop your child's talents
  • Work on the areas and topics that need improvement
  • Get insights and tips on the optimal learning schedule

Regular process monitoring increases chances of success.

Why we're awesome

Every child is different. That's why our innovative educational engine constantly analyzes the personal pace and progress of your child automatically adapting the learning experience to suit their specific needs and finding the ideal balance of challenge and support.

Our program levels the playing field and helps your child's abilities shine early, maximizing their chances to:

  • be accepted into advanced and honors classes
  • earn a variety of academic awards and scholarships
  • enroll in special programs for gifted and talented children.

Easy for Parents. Great for Kids.

Our educational platform can be used at home and in classrooms.

With the focus on English Language Arts and Math - the two most important subjects, our ready-to-go learning courses help advance all the essential academic skills from critical thinking to problem-solving. In addition, we provide a unique journey full of amazing games, videos and unique interactive worksheets to get an unlimited practice in Science, Social Studies, and Art.