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With the Pre-K to 3 Chess Course Taught by a 2‑Time National Championship Coach!

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Now is the perfect time for kids in pre-K through 3 to learn chess, so they can…

Sharpen their focus

Improve their memory
And more!
Develop their decision‑making abilities

Learning Chess—A Proven Way to Boost Brain Power

(Even If They’re Fidgety and Can’t Sit Still)

The problem with many chess learning methods and programs is they’re too difficult for children to voluntarily sit through — or it just takes too long for them to make progress.

So, young children have a hard time staying focused on the fundamentals of learning and practice … and never end up developing their true potential.

What’s different about the Chess Course from Kids Academy is it makes learning chess truly “feel” like play (because, after all, playing chess is supposed to be fun!).

This hooks them, keeping them coming back to learn again and again.

Learning chess has proven brain benefits for young children, setting them up for success throughout elementary school and beyond:

Higher IQ

In one study of 4,000 students, boys’ and girls’ IQ scores rose significantly after just four months of chess instruction

Better Performance on Tests

In a study of 450 5th graders, those who had learned chess performed better on tests than those who hadn’t learned chess

Improved Memory

6th graders in Pennsylvania improved their memory and verbal skills through chess playing

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (the studies and proven benefits are too numerous to list here).

Give your kids a lifelong advantage, with the Chess Course from Kids Academy.

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Here’s What You Get…

Learning chess requires a lot more than watching some YouTube videos—which is too passive.
Learning chess requires active participation and deep practice.
But at Kids Academy, we make this fun!
With the Chess Course, you’ll receive:

On-demand video lessons from two-time National Championship coach for K-4, Rob Lazorchak (it will feel like he’s tutoring your child personally)

Fun, engaging videos on chess that will keep their eyes glued to the screen (instead of mindless entertainment)

Worksheets that get their brains actively involved in the process of learning …
and build the neural networks for their development

Learning games that reinforce their new skills … gamify their learning … and keep them looking forward to their next lesson

Quizzes that offer critical feedback, letting you assess their progress and see how far they’ve come (believe it or not, we’ve found a way to make even the quizzes fun)

In all, 20 hours of learning…

PLUS, receive the entire catalog of Kids Academy learning tools—for reading, writing, math, and so much more!

Everything Your Kids Need to Learn Chess

(Without Needing to Force Them to Sit Down and Study)

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Here’s What They’ll Learn
A structured program developed by an acclaimed chess teacher
See the full curriculum here
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The exciting history of this game (they’ll learn the big names and become motivated to imitate these great players)
The pieces and how to move them (including their symbols)
Special moves, such as castling and promotion
Check vs. checkmate practice, with checkmating patterns and how to get out of check (they’ll be checking and checkmating in no time)
Basic tactics—double attack, attacking the king, pin, skewer, and more
They’ll learn how to put it all together—how to begin a game, trading down when ahead, etc.
See the full curriculum here
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In this Covid world of increasing social isolation, kids need healthy outlets.
Chess is the perfect hobby.
Now, in pre-K through 3, is the best time for kids to start learning.
Give them an advantage that will last a lifetime!

About the Teacher

Coach Rob is a certified teacher, holds a masters degree in teaching, and has taught thousands of children how to play chess over the past ten years.

Prior to forming Diplomat Chess, Rob was a faculty chess teacher in Manhattan, where he taught grades K-4 and formed the school's chess team. Coach Rob’s team won National Championships in 2016 and 2017 in Nashville, TN, and many of his students have been listed on country’s age-based top 100 lists.

Robert is a certified Advanced Coach by the United States Chess Federation, FIDE Instructor, and Tournament Director.