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At Kids Academy, you will find an ample collection of professionally compiled and easy-to-use math worksheets which will enable your kids to develop their skills and go ahead in their educational process. Your children are likely to get involved and enjoy learning math easily and successfully. 

What you should know about our printable math worksheets:

  • Our worksheets have bright and catchy pictures, which enables children to learn numbers effortlessly.
  • Easy instructions can be followed both by teachers and parents, so you will not experience any problems explaining the tasks to the kids.
  • We update our math collection on a regular basis, so you will always find some new useful PDF worksheets for your little learners on our website. 
  • All of them can be easily downloaded and printed out.

Our rich pick of math printables spans multiple fun-filled learning materials: 

Addition and subtraction

Use our fun math activities on counting objects, and you will be surprised how easily your little kids grasp the idea of addition and subtraction. Clear and vivid pictures let your little learners concentrate on the method rather than numbers themselves, which is often the case.


The collection of geometry practice sheets introduces preschoolers to the basic shapes. Kids will clearly remember and recognize the name of shapes as well as learn how to draw them. The activities on drawing funny robot’s faces will reinforce their vocabulary and drawing skills.


Here you will find a range of activities both for preschoolers and kindergarteners. A plethora of math exercises provides hands-on learning on measuring length, capacity and weight - all in a kid-friendly and exciting way. 

Counting money

When your kids are ready to talk about money, our set of math worksheets on counting money is ready and easy to use. They will not only introduce your kids to the names of coins, but also let them grasp their and provide more practice in counting money and addition. 


When it’s time to talk about the time just go to our sequencing worksheets on time. In no time your little learners will be able to talk about the time!

Discover a wonderful and magic world of math together with your little learners!