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At the age of 2 or 3 little kids are ready to start learning at a very quick pace when every new activity will lead to further successful learning process.  Kids Academy is ready to present two sets of preschool math worksheet on Learning Numbers and Shapes. These materials will significantly improve kids’ cognitive skills and are good for practicing motor skills of preschoolers.

At this stage preschoolers learn new things much easier through play and socializing with the people around them. Make the learning process fun and easy with our colorful pages:

·        simply download the materials from our Kids Academy site;

·        read the instructions explaining  how to use them, they are quite simple so the materials are appropriate for studying in-class as well as home activities;

·        print out our math worksheets for kids;

·         get joy with your kids from the process of discovering the world of math!

When it’s time to introduce your little learners to the world of numbers do it with our math worksheets. We teach kids step by step to recognize the numbers and learn to trace the characters as well as words representing the numbers.  Funny and catchy pictures of everyday objects will help your preschoolers to associate certain quantity with characters and words expressing numbers.

Introducing preschoolers to basic shape forms is of crucial importance as they are the foundation of geometry and there are lots of everyday objects of different shapes.  The collection of geometry practice sheets introduces your preschoolers to the basic shapes. Little learners will get a clear understanding of the basic shapes by comparing them to everyday objects. It will also allow your kids to get a clear vision of each shape.

The tracing of the shapes activity plays an important role in developing kids’ motor skills. Understanding of the shapes helps to get a clearer picture of the world and see connections between everyday objects. After going through the activities your kids will clearly remember and will be able to recognize the name of the shapes as well as learn how to draw them.

Do not forget about the robot’s faces funny pages.  The activities on drawing funny robot’s faces will reinforce your kids’ vocabulary and drawing skills.  Preschoolers will have learned to identify the basic forms accurately and to find them in the everyday environment. Use our math worksheets for preschool and this process of teaching them basic shapes will turn into a joyful pastime.