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Handwriting might seem a trivial skill, but if you look a bit closer you will find that it is extremely important for several reasons. Use our handwriting worksheets for preschool to practice.

Handwriting is a basic skill which children constantly use in many school subjects. Taking notes, passing tests, working on any classroom exercises or some written homework involves handwriting. If the skill is not developed good enough the kid will surely face difficulties in studying which will result in low academic performance. Vice versa, the better their handwriting is, the better they read and spell words. That's why Kids Academy suggests using its handwriting worksheets for kids.

There are three handwriting basics we tried to keep in mind while designing kindergarten writing worksheets.

Children should pay attention to letter formation. They need to understand where the starting and stopping points of the letters are. That is why our handwriting worksheets for kids have these points marked with a big red dot. Children trace the letters and learn to write them in every handwriting worksheet.

There are also some rules on letter sizing: similarly-shaped letters should have the same height. Our handwriting practice worksheets on learning uppercase and lowercase letters have a special dotted middle line which helps children keep the right proportion while they write letters and words.

Proper spacing between letters and between words is also very important. The spaces between all letters of the word should be equal. Don't worry, each handwriting worksheet gives you opportunity to practice.

Kindergarten writing worksheets help make sure you do mind these factors.

Handwriting might seem an easy thing, but some kids have different problems with it, for example, if they lack attention to the detail. That is why we have designed our handwriting worksheets for kids so that they seemed attractive to children and kept them interested. Here are some tips for your children to learn to write better while working on our handwriting practice worksheets.


  •         They should write a bit slower. If the children write too fast, it's hard to control the points where they begin or stop writing the letter.
  •         They shouldn't press hard on the writing tool. It will help to make smoother lines.
  •         Practicing handwriting may seem time consuming, but remember that this time is being invested into your children's bright future and never stop working. 


Our handwriting practice worksheets first teach children manuscript writing and then practicing cursive letters and words follows. Manuscript letters are normally easier for little learners.

Good news, games improve handwriting! Many different games require children to draw lines and pictures or color something. Luckily, Kids Academy has many handwriting practice worksheets including games to offer.  Such handwriting worksheet is not only a pleasant bonus, but children learn to control the writing tools and concentrate this way.

Every handwriting worksheet has step-by-step directions to make your work easier. Before you start working on handwriting worksheets for preschool show the children how to hold their writing tools properly. It is a very important component of good handwriting. The pen or pencil should be held close to the writing tip with the thumb and index fingers. The middle finger should be curved under the writing tool. More handwriting worksheets for kids can be found at our site, have a look. Download kindergarten writing worksheets for free and practice.