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Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten

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At Kids Academy, we want to help kids who have stepped into a new, quite lengthy and challenging, but extremely fascinating and exciting world of education!

That’s the time when it’s really important to stimulate your kindergarten kids’ curiosity to learn and discover new things around themselves. With solid competencies in early childhood and preschool leearning, we make your kids' first learning experience seamless and fruitful. With a vast collection of our free printable worksheets for kindergarten, we believe that we can  assist you in completing this task successfully.

Playing games, singing songs and nursery rhymes will do your little learners a lot of good. Explore a broad range of our printable worksheets to make the learning process more productive and enjoyable for your little ones!

Fun Play & Multifaceted Development

Our preschool worksheets ensure wholesome child development and help kids easily foster academic skills necessary for a preschool: 

  • Our printable worksheets for kindergarten will provide your little learners further extended practice in math. Activities will get your kids involved in problem-solving  tasks, which will give them a feeling of achievement once they’ve finished.
  • Reading skills are practiced in an exciting way of finding the way though amazing mazes which help  kids get an idea of correlation between letters and sounds.
  • Kindergarten kids will also enjoy the writing activities which give them some practice on revision of colors with the crayons that kids are crazy about, as well as some further funny and joyful activities on spelling of the words. 

Though at this stage kids can concentrate on certain subjects for longer periods and their perception of information has become more considered, they are still not mature enough to study just for the purpose of studying. So do not forget to alternate the learning activities with relaxing ones.