Explore Your Five Senses Printable

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It’s important that kids are in touch with their senses, and can explain their perceptions of their surroundings. This 5 senses matching worksheet is a great tool to help your little learner build vocabulary, practice reading, as they build a library of sensory language vocabulary!
While working, help your child to: 
• Read and recognize the words on the page
• Define unfamiliar vocabulary
• Connect each adjective (like “prickly” or “shrill”) on the page with an example from real life
Get the most from this worksheet, and encourage your child to use the sensory words on the worksheet in their daily vocabulary, or even their writing!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to read and recognize words, connect adjectives on the page with real-life examples, and use sensory words in their daily vocabulary or writing. They should have basic knowledge of the five senses and be able to describe their perceptions.