Explore the Seasons Worksheet

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The passage of time is an abstract concept for kids, but learning all about the seasons help our little ones grasp it quickly! Use this explore the seasons printable to introduce and review the seasons of the year. As a bonus, your child will learn how trees change over the course of the year, all because of the weather! 
This worksheet reinforces: 
• The seasons of the year and its changes
• Logical reasoning and problem solving skills
Kids learn the most when they can make real-life connections to what they’re learning. Encourage your little learner to recall the seasons that have come to pass in the current year, and watch your child discover the seasons in all their glory!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know about all the four seasons, how weather changes with the seasons, and how trees change throughout the year due to weather. They should also have logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to answer the questions correctly.