10 Best DIY Back to School Supplies

July 22, 2019

When the 4th of July is over and the back-to-school supplies come out, kids and parents know that their summer days are numbered. While kids might feel a sense of anxiety about returning to the classroom, many parents are stressing about the cost of supplies and the inevitable spending spree that is about to unfold. Check out these fun ideas for DIY back-to-school supplies to make the transition exciting for everyone involved!

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Blended Learning Strategies in the Classroom or Homeschool

July 15, 2019

Teachers today know that the days of lecturing in front of students all day are long gone, as new technology in education has taken school districts by storm! This article discusses the hottest topic in the educational world: blended learning. Keep reading to learn about what it is, the methodology behind the concept, and strategies for implementing blended learning into your classroom or homeschool.

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Top 10 Fun-Filled Summer Reading and Writing Ideas

July 8, 2019

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “summer slide” but just what does the research actually have to say about summer learning loss for kids in kindergarten through the 5th grade? The answer may surprise you, but the consensus seems to suggest that kids need enrichment to ready them for school come August. This article takes an in-depth look at the infamous summer slide and gives you 10 awesomely fun summer reading ideas to keep your child reading and writing to keep literacy levels high and ready for fall!

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Solar Energy Science Projects for Kids

July 2, 2019

Sizzling summer days are the best excuse to study solar science! While the kids are home from school, make the most of the long break by tackling fun-filled solar power activities and solar system science project ideas. This article gives you what kids should know about each sun-related topic and offers you 5 fantastic ideas for tinkering with solar energy and studying outer space!

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Top Ten 4th of July Games for Kids

June 25, 2019

When the burgers are on the grill and the kids are anxiously awaiting fireworks, 4th of July games for kids are an easy way to keep the littlest guests busy on this exciting day! Plan memorable backyard games that will delight your friends and family, both young and old. 

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Create a Thoughtful Summer Schedule for Kids’ Daily Activities

June 17, 2019

Summer is here, school is out, and it’s more than likely that your children are endlessly asking you, “can we go outside?” The requests might seem endless as kids grow bored during the dog days of summer, and it’s no wonder that many parents look forward to school starting again! So what is a parent to do to stave off crankiness and whining while ensuring that kids get what they need? The answer is to create a new summer schedule for kids that maximizes learning and makes the most of fun-filled seasonal activities! Read this article to find out how to create a killer routine, and find a sample schedule to use as a model for creating your own! 

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Importance of Extracurricular Activities in School & College

June 10, 2019

There’s no doubt that academics are an integral part of every child’s early life, since learning is every kid’s job! With increased rigor and the push to perform on standardized tests from a young age, it’s easy to forget that extracurricular activities also play an important role in every child’s education and development. This article reveals the benefits of extracurricular activities in school and offers you unique ideas to support your child’s passions alongside his learning.

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Why is Homework Important — Importance of Homework in Learning Process to Student Success

June 3, 2019

School might be out of session for the summer, but in just a couple of months the never-ending debate over homework will heat up once again as children return to the classroom. Across the country, students, parents, and even teachers are asking more than ever before the same contentious question: why is homework important? With many school districts ending home-based assignments at the elementary level, it might seem that homework is no longer needed. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument in this next article that explores the usefulness and effectiveness of homework for all ages.


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Teaching English as a Second Language to Kids

May 27, 2019

Imagine being a young child and arriving in a new country without knowing a word of the language. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? For educators, teaching English as a second language to children comes with various pitfalls and challenges, many of which fall outside the control of a school. Luckily there are specific techniques and tricks that can be used to reach and teach English language learners. Keep reading to find an in-depth introduction to teaching ESL including tips for parents and teachers alike! 

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Teaching Kids to Code: Importance, Tips, and Activities to Get Started

May 21, 2019

How much do you know binary or HTML? Unless you’re in the IT profession, your answer is most likely: “not much!” For today’s parents, learning to code was not an option in high school, but now children as young as 5 are starting to learn the basics of computer programming. If the thought of teaching kids to code is overwhelming, don’t worry! This article will give you what you need to know to get your child started, complete with the basics, importance, and activity ideas to begin!

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