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App overview (for teachers)

Kids Academy Talented and Gifted learning apps are the very core of the whole platform. That’s where most of the teaching and learning magic happens.

Click here for the download links for the apps and system requirements. It’s recommended that you keep the apps updated for the best performance. Login instructions are here.

Let’s start with Teacher’s interface overview, the main elements, and their functionality.

The interface consists of three main Tabs: Classes (1), Students (2) and Library (3).

From the top menu you can also manage your Profile (4), access Settings (5) or Log Out from the app (6)


Once you log in as a teacher you automatically get to the Classes tab. It contains the list of all available classes associated with your account.

  1. The area that contains all of your classes and information about them, such as subject, grade and the number of enrolled students.
  2. Tap here to add a new Class.


Students tab contains the list of all students associated with this teacher.

  1. Tap on the grades to only see the students in that particular grades.
  2. Area that contains information about your students, such as name, grade and profile picture.
  3. Tap to add a new Student.
  4. Tap to enroll one or more students in classes.


The Library tab contains all the content available for you and your students, allowing you to sort and preview it directly in the app:

  1. Search area. Apply filters and/or type in keywords to sort the content.
  2. Search results are shown in this area.

App overview (for students)

When your student launches the app, they will see a more straightforward interface, personalized to be focused on their classes and assignments.

  1. My Learning Path button launches the most recently assigned lesson. If no lessons were assigned by the teacher to the student, it will open the list of available classes.
  2. Students tap here to see the homework assigned to them.
  3. Student’s userpic and name are displayed here.
  4. Students see and may easily access the classes assigned to them here.
  5. Tap to log out.
  6. Tap to mute/enable sound.

How to differentiate learning assignments

With Kids Academy it’s really easy to differentiate assignments. To start you need to be in the Classes or Students tab.

Assigning work from Classes tab.

Tap on a class you want to work with.

Once you do that, the real magic begins!

1. Select one or more students;

2. Tap Assign work;

3. There are three types of assignments. Pick the one you need and tap on it;

4. Tap on a lesson to assign it;

5. Tap Confirm assignment and you are all set!

The students can start working on the assigned activity by tapping ‘My learning path’ button (for lessons and assessments) or My Homework (for homework assignments).

Note: in order to assign an assessment, you need to first make sure that it was added to the class you’re working with. Check out our article on how one can do that here.

Assigning work from Students tab.

Tap Enroll in class.

Pick one or more Students or tap Select all, then tap Enroll in class again.

Pick one or more classes and tap enroll.

Adding new students

In order to add a new student, you need to be in Students tab. Once there, tap +Add a new student.

Enter Student’s name, last name, pick the Grade and tap Create.

Now you need to select the classes you want the student to take. Tap on one or more Classes and then tap Enroll.

Once Student creation is complete, you will be shown their login info.

Student login Badge or ID and Password are methods of authentication used by your students to access the app. They are interchangeable, which means you can use any of them without restrictions.

You may copy or print them right away, or just skip this step and return to it later.

You can change Student’s name and Grade from the Students tab by tapping on their profile picture.

You may also manage Students from your LMS account.

Creating classes

In order to create a Class, you need to be in the Classes tab. Once there, tap +Add a new class.

Enter the Class name, pick the Grade and tap Next.

Select one of the pre-made curricula created by our expert educators. All curricula are Common Core aligned. You can customize all the learning plans and create new ones from your teacher’s dashboard on the web.

Note: you can only pick one Curriculum for one Class.

Pick the Students to Enroll in the new Class and tap Enroll.

Checking students progress

You can check the progress of your students directly in the app. In order to do so, go into Students tab and tap on a Student.

Tap Progress.

Tap Classes, Homework or Assessments, pick the period you are interested in and tap Apply.

After pressing Apply you will be shown the average score for each of the Classes finished by the Student during the selected period of time.

Note: you can find more detailed metrics in the Reports section of your LMS account. Find out more about that feature here.

Working with student groups

Here’s how you can create groups of students within a class and set assignments for all the students in the group.

Help CenterWorking with Kids Academy apps
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