Early Reading Kids Books - Reading Toddler Games, Ages 2-5

Kids Academy brings a unique blend of free baby books and songs developed by early childhood educators versed in tried-and-true learning and teaching practices.

With lots of fun and enjoyable early development activities, we deliver an outstanding digital kids’ workshop for creative play and inspired learning - all in a single app.  Your curious little ones will unleash a fascinating world of fairy tales and adventures, while being both educated and entertained.

Learning Materials

Kids Academy is working hard to help your children get excited about learning and build up a strong foundation for future academic skills. From engaging storytelling to captivating gameplay, we will introduce your kids to traditional fairy tales and popular nursery rhymes covered in:

  • Interactive storybooks
  • Catchy songs
  • Funny sound cards.

The app includes well-known fairy tales adored by children and parents of every generation:  Puss in Boots, the Princess and the Pea, the Three Little Piggies, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. We’re regularly adding new stories to our impressive collection.

Features & Highlights

Our vast array of songs and books for toddlers and preschoolers is a roadmap for your kids’ wholesome and well-rounded development: activate imagination, improve concentration and build up basic reading and memory skills – all in a fun-filled and insightful way. With great graphics and a child-friendly interface, the app is friendly for kids to play and great for parents to follow along.

Your kid is sure to get fascinated with:

  • Adorable illustrations
  • Fun interactive gameplay
  • Professional voiceover
  • Sweet children’s music and Karaoke mode
  • Fascinating animation.

Go ahead and download our remarkable collection of baby songs and books for your little learner. Encourage your kids to read and learn with fun and enjoyment!


Find us on the AppStore: Preschool & Kindergarten Baby Books, Songs and Early Reading Toddler Games


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