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Standards-aligned customizable curricula
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Our comprehensive math curriculum covers:

  • Sorting and matching skills for early learners
  • Recognizing, counting and ordering numbers
  • Addition and subtraction to 1000
  • Place value using the base ten system
  • Measurement, time and counting money
  • Early geometry, including 2D and 3D shapes

Reading and Language Arts

The reading and language arts curriculum includes:

  • Letter recognition for both upper and lowercase letters
  • Tracing letters and writing words
  • Reading sight words
  • Phonics, including consonants, vowels and blends
  • Building vocabulary
  • Grammar, including parts of speech


Complete chess course from a professional chess player and coach certified by the US and International Chess Federations covering:

  • An introduction and explanation of the game
  • Chess history and etiquette
  • The basics of chess, including the game board and chess pieces
  • In-depth descriptions of chess pieces and their symbols
  • Initial game positions and moves order
  • Special moves, strategies and captures during gameplay

Science and Social Studies

Our science and social studies curriculum includes:

  • Community helpers and leaders
  • Governance and citizenship
  • Local and world cultures, including holidays, food and dress
  • The calendar, seasons, weather and climate
  • Health and the body
  • Plants, animals and life science
  • Planets and space
  • States of matter and physical science

Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts curriculum includes exciting coloring pages that cover:

  • Favorite childhood fairy tales and stories
  • Nursery rhymes and children songs
  • Holidays and culture, including food and dress
  • Exciting space scenes

World Around Us

The World Around Us curriculum takes the basics of early social studies and presents it to early learners in an easy-to-understand way. It includes topics such as:

  • Different communities and community helpers
  • Neighborhood places within the community
  • Common transportation methods
  • Weather and seasons
  • Introduction to the body and health
  • Food and culture
  • Basics about Earth
  • Animals in the world around us
Kids Academy has 2 key components:
Mobile apps for iOS, Android and Chromebooks

Install Kids Academy apps on your school devices to:

Keep students learning at their pace and level
Easily differentiate assignments
Use as learning stations, aids or class activities
Assign homework for students to do at home
Easy-to-use tools for teachers on the web

Log into your Teacher's dashboard on the web to:

Customize and create new curricula
Get easy-to-read reports on students performance
Manage students, assign classes and assessments


Read out the task
Can be traced right on the screen
Grade themselves
Provide instant feedback
Save money on paper & ink

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Actionable easy-to-read progress reports

Following student's progress has never been easier. Kids Academy's robust reporting gives you detailed stats and insights into your student's performance. You get straightforward easy-to-understand data:

Time spent - Completion Rate - Average Score - Average Assessment

which you can analyze on every level

Individual Student - Class - Curricula

You get actionable data: e.g. timeline performance graph makes it easy to spot where students or whole classes are struggling and improve your curricula to help overcome problems.

Meet Our Teachers

All of Kids Academy content is curated by a team of certified US educators with years of classroom experience. They painstakingly oversee all of our games, videos, worksheets, and lesson plans to make sure everything is up to the standards.

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Kids Academy integrates with most Student Information Systems via Clever. What this means is we can automatically sync all teacher and student data from your SIS. This way account set up takes minutes while your data is secure and always up to date.