Hybrid learning platform for PK-3: in class, at home or both

differentiate instruction
remediate learning gaps
keep track of students’ progress
standards-aligned lesson plans
with 4,000+ interactive activities
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Integrated with Google Classroom
Teachers today are a lot like superheroes. And every superhero needs a sidekick. Batman had Robin. Ironman had Jarvis.
Teachers now have Kids Academy!
mission 1
Cut down lesson planning time by 27%
As a teacher, you’re on a mission to help students succeed in class and beyond. And every mission starts with a plan, in this case - a lesson plan.
Kids Academy offers ready standards-aligned curricula across different subjects. Use them as-is, or customize and make them your own.
Early logic
Arts & Crafts
Social Studies
mission 2
Keep students engaged, focused and eager to learn
Kids Academy offers over 4,000 interactive learning activities:
Smart worksheets
and more...
All the content is created by expert educators and is standards-aligned. You can quickly find the right materials and incorporate them in your lesson or assign as homework. Yes, students can learn on their personal devices at home!

No ads - No distractions - 100% Safe
mission 3
Address every student’s learning needs
Every child is different. It’s what makes a teacher’s job exciting and challenging at the same time.
With Kids Academy, it’s much easy to differentiate instruction across different levels and offer personalized curricula for every student.
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Assign tasks to individual students, groups, or whole class in three easy taps.
mission 4
Bridge learning gaps
Kids Academy is an effective remediation tool. Our specially designed quizzes help identify and overcome learning obstacles in a stress-free manner.
Actionable reports help you keep track of students’ performance on individual and class level.

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mission 5
Provide distance learning
Teaching and learning with Kids Academy are not limited to the classroom and can be done online. Teachers can assign activities for the students to do at home and follow their progress remotely. Who said that homework can’t be fun?


Narrated instruction
Can be traced right on the screen
Provide instant feedback
Save money on paper and ink
Unique learning experience

What teachers say about us


This app has been so helpful in teaching and entertaining kids on the autism spectrum!
By Dilldip

Preschool Teacher’s Dream

This app is perfect for children who want to learn number recognition and other K-Ready skills. Parents often give me feedback to how easy it is to use and how quickly children pick up new skills.
By FuggsandFoach

Great for Young Minds

This is a fantastic app! As a teacher, I will certainly be recommending this to my colleagues and the parents. Children love to play on devices and this app makes learning feel like a game, which is fantastic!
By Endeavors in Education

Thanks for all the hard work!

I have a 5 yo and he loves using this app! He has had speech problems in the past and was recommended speech therapy, however we were not able to start speech therapy. KidsAcademy has helped his speech so much and he has advanced a lot. I love this app!
By ArguetaFam

Good for young learners!

I've spent some time teaching EFL and I wish I'd had this app then! The writing practice is great for native English speakers and young second language learners as well. Will definitely recommend to my friends teaching English to young leaners.
By kachimasho

Amazing app

I am at gifted and talented teacher from Kindergarten to eighth-grade. My lower grade students have a so much fun using this app and they learn while having fun.
By Blanca De La Mora GT teacher
Easy to set up - easy to use!
Kids Academy was designed to make teachers’ lives easier. We will shoulder as much of the setup and management work as possible so you can focus on teaching.
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Data sync with your SIS
Your students and classes will roster automatically through a secure connection.
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Log in badges
No need to remember any logins or passwords. Just scan a badge to sign in.
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Dedicated suport
We are here for you every step of the way.
Meet Our Teachers
All of Kids Academy content is curated by a team of certified US educators with years of classroom experience. They painstakingly oversee all of our games, videos, worksheets, and lesson plans to make sure everything is up to the standards.
Still not convinced? Request a demo