Kindergarten Math & Reading Learning Kids Games, Ages 1-5

Developed by Kids Academy our app is designed together with educators especially for little learners. You will find a wide range of worksheets, educational videos and interactive games for kids aged 1-5+. All the activities are elaborated in line with the latest achievements in preschool education and bring the joy of learning at your kids’ fingertips.

What's Inside

Our experts use materials based on the proven education methods (Montessori and Singapore Math) which are widely and successfully used by world’s educators.

Worksheets and educational games for kids are categorized according to the subjects to be covered: the ABC, Numbers, Reading, Writing and Math. All this together makes the process of learning go smoothly and effectively.

Here is what’s inside our app:

  • More than 500 interactive games and puzzles
  • Alphabet and writing games
  • Math and reading games
  • A wide collection of most popular kids’ books
  • A series of educational TV shows and videos


Following our learning plan your kids will cover all the aspects and subjects to get ready for school starting from early childhood.

Our app offers:

  • A holistic educational plan across the study areas necessary to get children ready for school
  • Captivating and joyful games to keep kids involved and fascinated
  • Activities based on world’s acknowledged approaches to preschool education
  • Motivation and continuous encouragement for enjoyable learning experience

Why You'll Love It?


All of our content is 100% safe and kid-friendly with no ads and popups that can distract from learning.


We meticulously and carefully choose educational materials, so your kids dive deep into the captivating world of learning and make progress.


We ensure consistent and well-balanced development of basic educational skills necessary for your kids’ success in the academic career and in life.

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