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When kids turn 2 or 3 they enter a vulnerable period, when children grasp new information like a sponge. That is why it is really important to fill their world with objects, information and activities which will help them become successful learners. 

At this stage kids discover new things and learn mainly through play that is why it is vitally important to introduce new information in a playful and engaging manner. 

Kids Academy offers a vast collection of free printables which will introduce your children to the basic concepts and notions and let them learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes easily.

Your kids are sure to have great fun when doing mazes, singing popular nursery rhymes or coloring pages from favorite fairy tales!

Why choose our worksheets?

  • Our preschool worksheets deal with one or two notions or objects at a time as preschoolers are ready to keep only one or two concepts at a time.
  • All the concepts are introduced in the form of a play or a game as it’s the best way for little kids to learn.
  • With the help of activities in the worksheets kids get the idea of learning. They get to know how to be a good learner by completing tasks and solving problems.
  • Our printables let kids develop motor and cognitive skills, as well as introduce them to new vocabulary though games and songs. 

ABC, math and much more!

Among our free PDF worksheets you will find a whole set on ABC as well as tasks on cursive letters. Do not rush and let your little learners enjoy the fun of exploring new things and having the feeling of achievement when the task is completed.

In the math section you will find a collection of preschool worksheets on numbers and shapes. The bright and colorful pictures as well as involving tasks will let your preschoolers learn new things eagerly and effortlessly.

Don’t forget that children can learn though play that is why different kinds of games, nursery rhymes and coloring pages should be incorporated in the process.