Kids Academy – Talented & Gifted Program, Ages 2-10

We bring a broad array of vibrant educational games for kindergarten and preschool learning tailored for kids aged 2 to 7. We know how to turn your kids’ curiosity for life and interest in what’s around them into a highly motivating and engaging educational process.    

Games & Activities

We put children’s best interests and enjoyment at the heart of our work. We make sure your kids are involved in the process of studies with enthusiasm without being bored. Interactive Montessori games featured in our brand new app nurture and support pre-reading and pre-writing skills, while keeping your kids engaged, amused and active.


Your child will grasp new words and learn to recognize them in print! Our interactive fairy tales and stories will enchant your child, preparing them with early reading skills.


Kids need to learn to write correctly to develop proper handwriting. Our tracing games will help your child write letters and numbers properly - with ease and fun.


Master number and important numeracy skills. Using famous Singapore Math methods, your child will have a head start mastering math skills, all while having fun!


Classify shapes, colors, and objects and make sense of the world. Your child will have hours of fun mastering these important logical reasoning skills.


Let the app (and your child) do all the work! With our brand new activities, your child can master important skills while learning beyond the screen!


Don’t waste your child’s time letting them watch only TV shows and cartoons. We have selected the best videos that will not only keep kids watching, but also learning!


We bring out the best in your kids by making the most of our efforts and commitment to giving them the best start in life. With our professionally crafted app, you’ll get your kids involved into a fascinating and never-ending process of learning with lots of hands-on activities.

Your kids will enjoy:

  • Bright, catchy and colorful images
  • Delightful animated flashcards
  • Simple intuitive navigation
  • Extra puzzles and activities for reading and problem-solving tasks
  • Frequent repetition for consistent learning.

Download our collection of educational games for a preschool to get your kids’ brains triggered for successful education!

Find us on the AppStore: Preschool Learning Kids Games


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