Learning App for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grades 1–3


Kids Academy – Talented & Gifted Program, Ages 2–10

Level up your child’s academic skills with the interactive educational materials on writing, vocabulary, reading, math, social studies, science and more. Designed for preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary students, our app creates a friendly learning environment through eye-catching graphics and animations. The age-aligned curricula are equipped with engaging videos, worksheets, quizzes and games that ensure a consistent and comfortable instructional process accompanied by performance feedback and weekly progress reports.

What's inside this educational mobile app?

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Discover the rich learning opportunities for your child on the Talented and Gifted app. You can choose between the personal plans, full-course subjects and playground topics. Standard-aligned and tailored by professionals in love with early education, our play-and-learn activities will foster your kid’s academic grip and help them ace their studies.


All-in-one Children's Learning App

Our educational app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices provides a step-by-step learning pathway that lets children of the age group from preschool to 3rd grade develop early skills by progressing from learning basics to more complex subjects and skills.

Toddlers start with sorting and matching, reading their first sight words and recognising plants and animals, and move on to counting to 100, understanding elementary grammar rules, as well as the notions of energy and forces in kindergarten, get introduced to graphs, social concepts, letter combinations and syllables in the 1st and 2nd grade, and by the end of grade 3, they're able to divide and multiply, analyze texts and understand the life cycles of living things.

All the activities on the Talented and Gifted educational app for preschoolers and elementary students are divided into grade levels and can be played as a consistent Learning Path.

What subjects your kid will learn

Designed by certified teachers, Kids Academy offers ready-made standards-aligned curricula across different subjects.

  • icon_Math Math
  • icon_English English
  • icon_Reading Reading
  • icon_Science Science
  • icon_Chess Chess
  • icon_Social_Studies Social
  • icon_Art_and_Crafts Art and
  • icon_The_World_Around_Us World
    Around Us
  • Hand-picked activities for each school grade.
  • Gamified experience to keep your kids’ eyes lit up and brain churning.
  • Weekly performance reports on acquired skills, so you can see their progress (feel free to gloat to the other parents).
  • Just 15 minutes a day is all it takes to stay on top of the program (for maximum flexibility).

Your kids can learn with us as they grow

  • preschool_img

    Our learning curricula for two-, three- and four-year-olds include such important topics as matching, sorting, simple shapes, ABC's, sight words, and counting to 10. The World Around Us course contributes to a child's understanding of their everyday interactions with the environment featuring such topics as family, plants and animals, and weather.

  • preschool_img

    For children who are four, five and six years old, we offer video lessons, learning games and interactive worksheets on letter tracing, phonics and first grammar rules, as well as on number sense, subtraction and addition up to 20, 2D and 3D shapes, and basic social and scientific concepts relevant for early childhood.

  • preschool_img

    The courses of this grade level offer plenty of educational and fun materials to practice and enhance such skills as identifying vowels and consonants, reading and analyzing stories, recognizing parts of speech, counting to 1000, measuring time and length and understanding graphs, explaining the nature of sound and light and discussing social communities.

  • preschool_img

    The Talented and Gifted learning plan on English language arts includes word parts and spelling, reading and answering questions about fictional and informational texts, as well as differentiating shades of meaning. Within the math curriculum, kids will operate two- and three-digit numbers, solve word problems, measure in different units and split shapes into equal parts. The social studies will continue familiarizing seven- and eight-year-olds with civil and historical ideas, whereas the science course will concentrate on matter properties and ecosystems.

  • preschool_img

    Eight- and nine-year-old users of our educational app are offered a good amount of mathematical practice on fractions, multiplication and division, area and perimeter calculation. In the ELA section, third-graders will find topics similar to those in grade 2 but explored in more depth. The science curriculum includes such topics as forces, adaptations of organisms and weather, and the social studies lessons are built around the American and world history, civics and geography.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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    What is Talented and Gifted?

    It's a multi-subject AI powered interactive learning app for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children.

  • What age range is the Talented and Gifted app suitable for?

    TG is for preschoolers and elementary school students ages 2–10.

  • Who are the people behind the Talented and Gifted app?

    We're a team of highly skilled developers, instructional, graphic and motion designers collaborating with elementary school teachers and children's psychologists.

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    What topics are covered in the Talented and Gifted app?

    All the core topics from math, ELA, social studies, science and World Around Us according to the grade appropriate official learning standards.

  • How to start using the Talented and Gifted app?

    Visit the App Store or Google Play to install the app.

  • Is there a trial period on the Talented and Gifted app?

    Yes. If you register through our website, a 3-day free trial will be available for monthly and quarterly subscriptions, and the yearly plan will come with a 7-day free trial.

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    What happens after the trial period?

    You will be charged a fee according to the membership plan you chose upon registration: $19.99 monthly, $39.99 quarterly, or $97.99 for a yearly plan.

  • What other benefits do Talented and Gifted subscribers have?

    With a Talented and Gifted subscription, you can view all the content and complete activities on our website ad free!