Learning Games for Kids

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From preschool through elementary school and beyond, playing games make learning fun and motivating for kids. Enhance your child’s skills and learning resources using interactive learning games across various subjects:

Educational Games for Kids to Build Essential Skills

Spanning the curriculum, we offer fun and challenging games that help early learners practice essential academic skills, from sorting, matching and classifying to number sense, reading and writing. Our kids learning games challenge young learners to build not just their foundational study skills, but also many other skills useful in life, from critical thinking and problem solving to logical reasoning skills.

Games for Every Age

Whether your child is just starting out, or continuing his or her learning journey, our interactive games are designed to grow with your child throughout their primary years:

  • Toddlers (Ages 2-3)
  • Preschoolers (Ages 3-4)
  • Kindergarteners (Ages 4-5)
  • First-Third Grades (Ages 6-10)

Why Kids Academy?

Our educational games for kids offer your child the chance to increase learning in a motivating way. They include simple instructions, vibrant illustrations, and expertly voiced narrations to make the learning process enjoyable.

Kids Academy is committed to bringing your child the highest quality learning games possible. Check back often for the latest updates and new additions!