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Counting Money Worksheets

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At Kids Academy you will find the best set of free counting money worksheets. Have a look at our collection of learning materials – these are worksheets, and games, and even fairy-tales! All the activities were tailored by professionals who care about little learners and their loving parents. Your progress and your interest is something that really matters for us!

Here at Kids Academy we are ready to support you and your children in your studies. Be supportive and spend time with your kids doing these exercises. There are some useful tips and precise step-by-step directions that will help you deal with exercises.

Our set of counting money worksheets and games is certainly the best way of teaching kids about money. Why is that?

  • Children learn not only to count some numbers, they learn to count money which is vitally important for everyday life.
  • By the way, they learn to recognize different coins and learn their names.
  • The activities are very simple, yet useful and sometimes even challenging.
  • Playing these money games for kids is an excellent way to learn with pleasure, work on motor skills and practice focusing on completing tasks. 

Our main desire is to help your kids develop their skills and love their studies. Make learning fun with us, learn how to count money fast. Work carefully on the pages and focus on the details. Use our printable money counting activities and study with pleasure! 

Get much more learning materials for all sorts of studies and enjoy learning!