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Learning Numbers for Kids

May 26, 2016

Learning Numbers for Kids

Here at Kids Academy we are glad to provide you with all sorts of educational apps, videos and worksheets and counting games for kids for early learning.

Enjoy our new video on counting up to ten and down. This time let your kid help the little frog to get to the other bank of the pond to its friend the duck and then to get back home. Jump the stones, count them and practice not only cardinal but also ordinal numerals. Nice audio and written tips are provided. Learn numbers with us and have fun! 

Why choose Kids Academy videos?

  • One of the most important aspects of preschool studies is keeping kids interested in what they do. That's why educational activities by Kids Academy are all tailored considering the early age and the fact that playing games and watching cartoons are your little mathematicians' favorite activities now.
  • Little children manage to learn to pronounce and spell numbers quite easily, but parents should remember that the main aspect of learning numbers is understanding what they actually mean. That's why we encourage kids to associate numbers with objects and processes of everyday life.
  • Some parents are afraid that their little learners will soon get bored. Choose our videos and you won't have to worry any more – children usually love counting and with colorful cartoons even endlessly repeated topics get new and interesting every time.
  • Videos are always an exciting activity for kids, they love pictures changing fast and thus the exercise attracts more attention. Learning numbers turns into having fun, not just going through some boring tasks.


 Learning numbers is vitally important for children because they deal with counting both at school and in everyday life. So let's start with counting up to ten and down and then move on to counting money, recognizing dates and times, and so on.

Advice for further training:

  • Use every opportunity you get to bring numbers into your everyday life in the form of counting games for kids (count objects, let them become a visual reference in your home studies).
  • Later add a new challenge – start adding and subtracting things (for example, show your kid two oranges and then add one more, now there are three oranges!).

Kids Academy channel offers a variety of videos covering all topics of preschool education. Don't forget to check our site for other educational materials on learning numbers for kids to get more practice.



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