All Eyes and Hands on Science

Kids Academy Science with E‑Blox (Grades K-3)
Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Available for iOS, Android and Chromebook

Optimized for distance learning — works at home or in the classroom!

This innovative blended learning course merges the digital and physical worlds, so students learn by seeing and doing.

Interactive on-screen learning


Hands-on STEM activities


More engaged learners, smiling faces, and happy teachers and teachers.

A personal plan for Your child is just one step away!

What’s Science Advantage with E-Blox?
Studies show concrete, physical experience is an integral part of learning and engages more of their brain. With Science Advantage with E-Blox, you add a physical, “real-world” component to your child’s digital learning. Brick-compatible electronic construction sets let them build 3D circuits with lights, sounds, motion, tactile stimulation, and other fun stuff that engages more of their senses!
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What’s E-Blox

E-Blox are brick-compatible electronic construction sets that enable you to build 3D circuits with lights, sounds, motion and other fun stuff. With E-Blox’s plug-together bricks and modules, kids build literally dozens of fun projects from a motor launching fan circuit to a real working FM radio.

How it Works

Students will learn about different science concepts and will tackle real-life problems by building technological solutions with E-Blox. A typical lesson consists of a video on the topic, a related Smart Worksheet or a game to play on the screen, and a blended activity involving an interactive quiz and an off-screen activity with E-Blox.

Science with E‑Blox

Based on Next Generation Science Standards

Why Kids Academy Science with E-Blox?

Studies show that students learn better when they participate and “get their hands dirty.”

Active learning improves learning outcomes and gives students the tools to build a scientific view of the world around them.

The recent pandemic and lockdown have made it harder for students to experience that tactile, three-di- mensional component of learning that lets them use their hands.

That’s why Kids Academy has partnered with E-Blox to create a unique, innovative science course based on the principles of design thinking.

Here’s What Kids Academy Science with E-Blox Is All About...

  • Digital and physical components come together to stimulate more of the senses, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Students learn about scientific concepts by watching videos, playing games and completing interactive worksheets.
  • Kids follow on-screen instructions to build hands-on projects, from an alarm clock circuit to a working Morse Code station!
  • Designed for both home and the classroom — so whether the kids are back in school or learning remotely, Kids Acade- my Science with E-Blox is the flexible solution you need for an engaging science course.
  • Custom sets are available to accommodate any number of students.
  • Easy to set up — and easy for kids to get started without confusion or complex instructions.
  • Seamlessly incorporate Kids Academy Science with E-Blox into your curriculum without fuss.
  • Guided lessons make teachers lives’ easier and focus students’ minds on learning.
  • Customized for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade Aligned with Next Generation.
  • Science Standards (NGSS).
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