Kids Academy Learning Resources

Kids Academy provides a vast variety of FREE learning worksheets, videos and lessons to help parents in homeschooling their children. Kids Academy is a great supplement to your main school studies.

Prepared Lesson Plans

Designed by certified US teachers, and fully aligned with Common Core standards.

It may be a challenge for parents to understand what skills and knowledge their child should have at a certain age and what to learn first. Kids Academy is here to help. Use our ready lesson plans covering all subjects and grades (PreK - Grade 3) to be sure you're on the right track.

Kids Academy – Talented & Gifted

Invigorate your child’s love for literacy with interactive ABC, vocabulary, and tracing games. Your kids will enjoy hours of learning through eye-catching graphics and animations, fostering a love for learning, reading, and writing along the way.

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Kids Academy Learning Apps

Your child will learn more while playing with our educating mobile apps.

Technological learning tools are not all bad, as is obvious with educational apps. Children have the opportunity to improve their writing skills, mathematical skills, and learn more things in an engaging manner.


Smart Worksheets

Download and print our worksheets for free or complete smart worksheets right on our website!

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Educational Videos

You will find lots of fun and engaging educational videos on our website, Kids Academy Talented and Gifted mobile app, or YouTube Kids. Educational videos are a helpful learning tool for children who are just starting school, and kids who need more practice on what they have learned so far.

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Blog With Useful Parenting Tips

  • Distance Learning

    The pandemic forced many schools to switch to online learning, and this of course meant conducting distance learning classes, and even submitting homework online.

  • Early Childhood

    Managing behavioral difficulties in children can be tough. Especially in younger children who cannot speak yet, it may be difficult to identify the root cause of a child’s tantrums. This article is a guide on how to identify and manage difficult behavior in children.

  • Tips & Tricks

    It may seem like raising children comes with too many rules. The struggle to raise your children in the best way might be overwhelming, but with these tips and tricks, you should have an easier time doing the job.

  • Technology & STEM

    Providing children with the best learning materials is essential for their early development. This is why educationists have devised learning methods such as STEM and technological aids which can make their learning easier.

  • Teaching & Homeschool

    Homeschooling children, especially the younger ones, might seem like a difficult task. How do you balance home life, their educational needs, and their social life all at once? These tips will have you handling homeschooling like a pro.

  • Math & Science

    If math and science are not your children’s favorite subjects, they would need all the extra help they can get. Constant practice and fun exercises would have your kids realizing how enjoyable the subjects can be in no time.


E-Blox Addition

Children learn best in a visual and practical manner, and this carefully constructed learning course provides them with the best of the physical and digital world.

With E-Blox, your kids will be able to build 3D circuits with the electronic construction sets which can be built together with sounds, lights, motion, and other exciting elements. Students will be put through science concepts which are practical, and can solve real-life problems.

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Chess Course

Improve your child memory and IQ with fun Kids Academy Chess Course. You'll get interactive video lessons, games and worksheets.

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