Free Printable Phonics Worksheets

Many parents of little readers must have heard about ABC phonics. However, many still have questions. What impact does it have on children’s reading abilities, if any? What is the best age to start teaching phonics to kids? 

What is phonics?

Simply put, phonics is the connection between sounds and specific letters. Written language is a code that all people speaking the same language once agreed to use. All letters are associated with specific sounds. Children must learn this code in order to learn to read. 

Everything is not that simple, though. There are many more sounds than letters in English, which means that one letter can represent two or even more sounds. There are letter combinations in which certain letters are not pronounced at all. 

Phonics worksheets at Kids Academy will help your kids:

·       Develop word recognition skills;

·       Learn how to decode words as kids learn to read;

·       Boost understanding of reading;

·       Improve spelling skills, as kids get to know which letters to use as they write words. 

When to get start with phonics worksheets?

Teaching phonics to beginning readers should begin at a kindergarten age. However, children cannot start learning before they master the alphabet because the alphabet is the nucleus of phonics. After your children have learnt letters you can start teaching them to see the connection between letters and sounds with the help of printable worksheets for kindergarten children. 

Our activities will be particularly effective for your soon-to-be readers as they have been designed to suit needs of kindergarten kids. Our free printable worksheets are bright, colorful and fun, so ABC phonics will never become boring or tiring with them. 


Uncover the world of entertaining alphabet learning with fun printables at Kids Academy! 

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