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We all know that it’s important for everyone to have an understanding and knowledge of the past. Historical consciousness is what keeps societies together, guiding our politicians and communities to make the right decisions for our future. Stimulate your child’s natural curiosity for learning and spark a new passion in history with our intriguing history worksheets.

Relevant History for Today’s World

Sometimes younger kids have a hard time understanding what comes before them. When kids are 4 and 5, they begin to build an emerging awareness that the world existed before they did.

Because this concept is still abstract for many little learners, Kids Academy knows that it’s important to ensure that history worksheets are relevant to their world, activating prior knowledge or experience that they have with their own cultural awareness, and things they love, like holidays and traditions. Only by working with what they already know can they expand their learning.    

You can be confident that your child is getting the very best in learning with our selection of social studies worksheets.

That said, you’ll find history topics for your budding historians that span the topics of: 

  • American history, including important symbolism and cultural awareness
  • Holidays and their history 
  • American traditions and community

American history worksheets are a great starting point for kids as they develop a base of historical knowledge because they take a world your child already knows, and expands their knowledge about something they can relate to—their own holidays and traditions. 

Engaging Worksheets for Enhanced Learning

Just like all our worksheets, Kids Academy makes sure that our history worksheets are engaging and fun, sparking your child’s interest, and keeping him learning. Since our worksheets are designed to meet many of your child’s needs at once, you’ll love that these worksheets also help to strengthen: 

  • Comprehension and recall skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Abstract and critical thinking skills 

So light the fire and jumpstart a lifelong love of history with Kids Academy!