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For kids, learning grammar is an essential step in the quest to learn language, build writing skills, and improve reading comprehension. But for many kids, learning grammar can also become boring, tedious, and confusing.

Considering all the rules to learn, and how those rules change based on an even more complex set of rules that often seem arbitrary, learning grammar can be difficult for kids and adults alike! Despite all this, how can we make learning grammar easy and engaging for kids? 

Since learning grammar can get a bad rap, let’s make learning language more enjoyable with Kids Academy! Here you’ll discover a wide array of printable grammar worksheets designed to teach your child grammar in small, digestible chunks. By offering your child grammar worksheets that focus on only one or two concepts at a time, your child will grow their skills while without getting burnt out!

Grammar Worksheets to Teach a Variety of Important Concepts

Your child’s school teacher will thank you for providing extra practice that will allow your child to master critical grammatical rules. Included in this collection of worksheets, you’ll find worksheets that cover: 

  • Basic parts of speech for thorough understanding of the function of words. Parts of speech include nouns, verbs, and adjectives
  • Sentence structure to help kids understand how to construct a sentence using the correct words in the correct order
  • The difference between complete sentences and sentence fragments
  • Practice in proper mechanics, including capitalization.

Like all Kids Academy worksheets, you’ll love that our worksheets are always brightly colored with engaging pictures to keep your child interested and engaged. Kids learn more when having fun, and our printable grammar worksheets provides your child the very best targeted practice for increased language learning!