Plural Nouns Maze Worksheet

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Uh oh, the cute little kitten needs to find her milk, but can’t get there without traveling through a tricky maze! Enlist the help of your little learner, by working through the maze by simply drawing a line through all the plural words. Don’t forget to review the grammar rules above, reviewing which words should get an -s ending, and which should end in -es. When ready, get to work on this charming PDF worksheet to show the poor kitten to her bowl at the end of the maze!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know the rules for forming plural nouns by adding -s or -es at the end of words. They should also be able to read and comprehend the words in the maze. Finally, they should be able to use problem-solving skills to find the correct path through the maze by identifying and connecting only the plural words.