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Bingo Song Worksheets

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  • Bingo Song

Bingo Song is a traditional nursery rhyme which will be greatly enjoyed both by kids and grown-ups.

This popular kids’ song follows a similar pattern and practices English rhythm, intonation and spelling. Just sing this song to your little learners and ask them to sing it together with you. You will soon notice how eagerly and enthusiastically your kids will sing the popular and easy Bingo Song with an all-favorite “Bingo was his name” line.

The main idea of the song is to introduce your little kids to simple spelling.  With each verse one letter from the word B-I-N-G-O is removed and replaced with a hand-clap. Ask your kids to clap their hands instead of the removed letter/letters. You will be surprised how more and more amused your kids will get with each verse.

This nursery rhyme not only develops your kids’ singing skills, but also gives them more practice in revising the ABC letters and spelling. Sing “Bingo was his name” and study with your kids with fun!

At Kids Academy, you will also find a set of coloring PDF worksheets accompanying the Bingo Song activity. Let your little learners develop their imaginative skills and color the main characters of the song: the happy farmer, the lovely Bingo dog, and the girl who’s made friends with Bingo.

Kids Academy provides a wide range of nursery rhymes worksheets to make the process of learning fun and fruitful.