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Space Worksheets

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Earth is a special place! There isn’t a planet exactly like it in our solar system. When kids begin to explore the far reaches of the galaxy, they can begin to gain a deeper appreciation of our own planet. This blossoming appreciation can, in turn, inspire little learners to branch out and learn more about protecting earth, or about discovering more about the final frontier.  

Better yet, when kids learn about space, they also learn and practice important science skills and knowledge. Spark your child’s curiosity and passion for learning with our exciting selection of space worksheets, meant to teach your child even more about this fascinating topic! 

Space Science Worksheets for Every Learner

Whether your little one is just starting his journey through space, or is looking for new and intriguing information, there is something here for learners at a variety of levels. You’ll find connect-the-dots worksheets, matching worksheets, mazes, and practice with reading and writing new vocabulary. With something for everyone, your mini astronaut will learn about space while practicing important early learning skills. 

Here’s some of the space topics you will notice in this collection:

  • Information about planets
  • Space phenomena, like comets
  • Gear astronauts use for space survival
  • Famous constellations 

Your child will have a great time learning all about space while they practice a variety of learning skills. Our worksheets are designed to hit many educational goals to reinforce learning skills across the curriculum. You’ll be delighted to know that our space worksheets will also help your child practice: 

  • Counting and early sequencing skills 
  • Logical reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Literacy skills, like reading and writing
  • Building scientific knowledge

Your child will be having so much fun learning new information, she’ll barely realize that so many skills are being reinforced! Don’t forget to supplement your child’s learning by getting outside on a clear night to sneak a peek at constellations, meteor showers, and the stars to connect your child’s learning to real life!