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Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

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  • Addition & Subtraction
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We are sure that the variety of learning materials we provide will be useful for you and your children. When kids are learning such basic math operations as addition and subtraction, they usually focus on numbers, not on the operation.

With our fascinating math activities children will soon be able to quickly and correctly solve all types of samples. In our kid-friendly subtraction and addition worksheets you will find useful directions that will help.

Kids Academy provides the best math practice games. Work carefully on addition and subtraction worksheets, pay attention to all the details and soon the result will be obvious!

Study in an entertaining way and make progress every day! 

Make Progress and Get Entertained

Our activities are more like games, not studies, that's why kids like them so much. And for parents it must be comfortable to download and print out our addition and subtraction worksheets so that the kids could practice again and again.

Why you'll love our worsheets: 

  • Our addition and subtraction activities are useful for improving your child's counting skills.
  • Dealing with our math tasks helps practice problem-solving skills.
  • Children will be able to revise numbers over and over again.
  • Free math games help to practice holding writing tools and so to develop the child's little hands and fingers – it is good for beautiful handwriting.
  • Finally, they are just a lot of fun! 

Spend some time with your children, help them manage all our worksheets and enjoy fast progress together!