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More often than not, citizenship and lessons in community awareness are sorely lacking in today’s early childhood curriculum once kids get to elementary school. Regardless, our kids are growing up to be the next generation of leaders within our society. It’s imperative that kids learn about, and build a healthy appreciation for the people, places, and things in our communities. 

Like all our worksheets, we ensure that your child isn’t only learning about the topic on the page, but also working multiple skills, like problem solving, sorting, reading, and critical thinking skills. You can be rest assured that your child is getting the very best out of their time with our worksheets, and don’t be afraid to use them to jumpstart extended learning on other topics, such as history, holidays, countries and cultures! 

Learn About Communities, Near and Far

You can count on Kids Academy to bring you quality learning materials on the topics your children need the most. Here you’ll find an array of community worksheets to boost your child’s knowledge of the society they live in. From various profession of community service workers, to lessons on traffic signs, you’ll find valuable social studies worksheets that can easily broaden your child’s knowledge and understanding of their community. 

Whether your child is from Seattle or St. Louis, our community helper worksheets are applicable to your child no matter where in the country your family lives. Your child will be able to learn about and differentiate from the following community helpers: 

  • Doctors
  • Veterinarians
  • Nurses
  • Firemen
  • Policemen
  • Military personnel 

In addition, your child will enjoy worksheets on the following societal topics and themes: 

  • Road signs to enhance community safety
  • The playground
  • The grocery store

Whether your child is older and exploring the community professions, or younger and still practicing sorting and matching skills, there is something in our community worksheets for every learner! 

Download and print your favorite worksheets today, and let’s get started learning about the community with Kids Academy!