Community Doctors: Maze Printable

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Community workers worksheets for kids are great resources for teaching your child about community leaders, like his or her own doctor! After reading each scenario, your child will determine which character needs to see a doctor and will then complete the maze using the correct answer.
This worksheet will help your child:
• Demonstrate prior knowledge of doctors and their roles in the community
• Connect learning and knowledge to a fun activity by completing the maze
Kids have been to the doctor since before they could remember, but rarely do they see doctors as the helpers and leaders they truly are in the community. Bring a new awareness using this quick and entertaining worksheet!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know about community workers and the different roles they play, as well as understand the role of doctors as community leaders who help people stay healthy. They should also be able to identify the characters who need to see a doctor, and solve the maze using the correct answer.