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Human Body Worksheets

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  • Our Body and Health

Whether we’re running, jumping, or just using a pencil, one thing is for certain: we’re using our bodies! Teaching your child about their bodies is integral to teaching them how to use it and appreciate it so they can do the things they love! Knowing the parts of their body can also help them to communicate a problem if they’re injured or feeling sick, and it’s a precursor for future health classes when they reach kindergarten and beyond. 

Chances are, your child already knows the most basic of body parts, like fingers and toes. Now it’s important to expand their bodily awareness and their vocabulary. That’s why Kids Academy has a collection of human body worksheets made to meet the needs of your little learner. 

Human Body Basics Worksheets

Every worksheet in this selection focuses on important basics that they might not already know. You’ll notice the following on our worksheets: 

  • A sampling of choices—rather than recalling body part names from rote, your child will be presented with a choice to determine the answer
  • Basic body part vocabulary to name more specific parts, like shoulder, chin, knees, or ankles
  • The ability to recognize and identify a body part on someone else

We know that it’s important for kids to learn about the parts of their body, but by completing worksheets, not only will your child learn new vocabulary and become more aware of their own body, but they will also build an awareness that everyone else is much like them. 

Why Choose Our Worksheets?

Sometimes we’ll even use an image of a human-like body, like a robot, to keep your child engaged and entertained. As with all our worksheets, we make sure to bring your child printables that are: 

  • Fun, and keep your child engaged while learning
  • Designed with your child’s age and developmental stage in mind
  • Multi-faceted: our worksheets usually teach or reinforce more than just one skill
  • Stepping stones to expanded learning—all our worksheets can be used to start a conversation to go deeper in depth!

So let’s get started learning about the amazing human body with this collection of delightfully fun human body worksheets!