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As a parent, you probably already know that early science learning is critical to raising well-rounded kids that excel in STEM related activities and thinking. That’s why it’s so important that kids are exposed to all areas of science, including the precursor to biology: life science.

Life sciences include the study of living things, including plants, animals, and their life cycles. Kids Academy knows how important it is for your 1st grader to set the stage for understanding biological processes; we’re confident that both you and your child will love this engaging set of printable life science worksheets, meant to sharpen early science learning and skills!

Life Science Worksheets Offering a Variety of Topics

Your little learner will understand more about the world and the life that resides within their world after this fascinating collection of worksheets. Here you’ll discover worksheets that cover:


  • Carnivores and Herbivores
  • Where animals live
  • The life cycle of familiar animals
  • Parts of a flower
  • Seeds and how they get planted
  • The life cycle of plants
  • The basics of photosynthesis

Browse our intriguing collection of printable life science worksheets and help your child get started building and refining knowledge of the life sciences!