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Schools today are constantly increasing their emphasis on math and sciences, preparing kids for specific career pathways as soon as they enter kindergarten! It’s no wonder that some subjects, like geography and social studies, get less attention than they rightfully deserve. After all, geography alone encompasses many branches of social studies from world culture and traditions, to terrain and landforms!  

Kids Academy believes that carving out time for geography and the social sciences is a must for any child’s development and schooling. We’re proud to offer you and your child positive and meaningful practice with our unique collection of geography worksheets. Here you’ll find worksheets that cover a wide array of topics within geography to offer your little learner a well-rounded experience in social studies

Holiday and Culture Worksheets

One important branch of geography is the world’s countries and cultures, and their varied holidays and important traditions. In our selection of holiday and culture worksheets, you’ll find worksheets on the following topics:  

  • Historical facts, cultural foods, housing, and clothing
  • Traditional dance found across the world
  • World flags
  • US national symbols and landmarks

When kids learn about cultures different from their own, they begin to understand the differences of others, building a deep appreciation and tolerance for all. Since we live in a global society, it’s never been more important to teach kids the importance of respecting other people’s culture!

Explore the World with Us! 

In addition to the above topics, you’ll be delighted to find worksheets that cover other branches of geography to give your child a complete experience through the social sciences! Your child will also love learning about: 

  • Maps and globes
  • Cardinal directions
  • Landforms

All our worksheets are intended to jumpstart your child’s learning in geography, and all of them could be used as the catalyst to learning more about any topic your child is passionate about! Let’s get started exploring the world and discovering culture with Kids Academy!